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Different Forms of Yoga
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Different Forms of Yoga

Yoga is a union with body. Yoga helps you to become disciplined and it brings about awareness with your mind, soul, spirit and body.
Do you take yoga? What kind of yoga do you take? Why do you take yoga?
Here are a few yogas to consider
Hatha Raj Yoga A gentle form of yoga that focuses on basic postures and breathing techniques. Hatha Raj Yoga is the master of polarities. It has been known to help you lose about 175 calories per hour, about the same as a slow walk.
Power Yoga An Americanized yoga creation, mixed with Ashtanga and Vinyasa sequence. It has been known to burn about 300 calories per hour, same as a brisk walk.
Vinyasa Yoga A more intense style of Hatha poses linked together in a fast flowing sequence. It burns about 445 calories per hour the same as a slow walk.
Bikram Yoga/Hot Yoga A style of yoga that incorporates about 26 postures, performed twice in a heated studio of 100 degrees. This style of yoga burns about 636 calories per hour. Its the same as jogging.
Kundalini Yoga is a form of Raj Yoga. It is the discipline of power and awareness, it helps to bring out the best potential in each individual. It is possible to lose about 175 calories per hour.
Ashtanga Yoga The discipline of eight limbs of yoga described by Patanjalis Code of Ethics. It is possible to lose about 175 calories per hour.
Bhakti Yoga Is the discipline of love and devotion. Giving in to true self and letting go of the ego. Said to lose about 1000 calories per hour, and will reduce high blood pressure.
Karma Yoga Is the discipline of self-transcending action. The yoga of action, the law of cause and effect. What you put out you get back.
Ayurveda Yoga A science of natural living that recognizes that health is a state of balance between body types (vata, pitta, kapha), mind and consciousness. Known to help you lose weight and keep weight down, through awareness.
Naked Yoga Performed completely naked to help you feel free in your body. This form of yoga is usually done privately in your home or comfortable environment. This form of yoga is known to help you lose weight and totally relax.
This is a short list of the many
different styles of yoga. Find the
one that will suit your needs. Find the yoga that will bring out the best in you naturally.

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