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Anne C. Crowley, MAc, LAc
Deep and Lasting Change Life and Wellness Coaching
LaPlata Acupuncture and Healing Arts
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Deep and Lasting Change Life and Wellness Coaching

In the essence of our core being, lays the secret to opening deep change within ourselves. What are your values? What is important to you? What would have to be here for you to be your true self? What value can you not live without? When we answer those questions we get to our core essence.

There in those truths lies the key to change. How can we have something be one way with us in one moment, and completely change in the next?

We can feel fear about losing a relationship or job. We can notice that fear and be with it, actually feel it and let it come up. We can then ask ourselves if we are willing to let it go. Can we open up to the possibility of being free of that fear? If we are willing to be free of it, to let it go when will we do that? When will we let it go? Can we do that now, or is there still some emotion around it. If so we can repeat this process. Eventually the change will come out of it, and we will want to be free more than to keep that feeling. We will want to be free more than anything else.

In this moment great things can happen. Old ways of being can be changed forever. What you will need to be ready for is the feeling of freedom and changed relationships. It can feel like someone opened the prison door (that was never really locked in the first place and really wasn't even there.)

Life coaching can bring you to look at those core values, deep feeling or emotions where your energy is stuck. Techniques such as the releasing technique described above, can help to bring about real movement and real change in very deeply ingrained patterns. It is those old patterns that make us hold on to things that no longer serve us such as bad relationships, unfulfilling jobs, and addictions to food, substances, or even our emotions.

Taking a look at life in a deep way is not something I would call easy. However if you are willing to take the step and walk along the path of change with me, or any life coach what you just might find, is the freedom you have always been looking for.

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