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Toni Greene, Owner
Clarity In 2023: Performance Vehicle Of The Year
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Clarity In 2023: Performance Vehicle Of The Year

Clarity In 2023: <strong><em>Performance Vehicle Of The Year</em></strong>

Yoga is the vehicle to take your body and brain (proprioception – brain feedback) and your receptors to the nervous system. Proprioception is the information to your brain and muscles to react. Injuries such as muscle strains and other body injuries could be a result of the condition of your personal electric vehicle, your body.    

Electric vehicles must be plugged in to get the energy to the systems to get it going in its top performance. Your horsepower is initiated by the care of your vehicle, which is your body. The strength of your electric vehicle, which is your core (solar plexus), gives the body strength, endurance, balance, and stability when plugged in. To give your body the ability for top performance food, water, breath, sunshine, fresh air, meditation, and movement are needed to give the vehicle, which is your body, the horsepower that is needed to perform in top condition, so that you will be able to get more miles to your destination – your life.

Sun salutations, which are twelve postures of movement that stimulate, strengthen, regulate, and align the body to give your body the energy and tune up to perform in top speed. Your electric vehicle runs on body fluids that are required to keep the body functioning. Water and blood are required to keep the vehicle (your body) moving. Horsepower is needed (core strength) to help the body to perform in top condition so that you are be able to get more miles to your life.

The core of your vehicle, which is mostly muscle in your abdominal area (three chakra), is your strength. Your core abdominal muscles, nerves and multifidus muscles will create an automatic overall feeling of exhilaration, excitement, calmness, and balance in the body. This creates an amazing feeling.

 Move into 2023 with your new electric vehicle, powered by your energy through your electric vehicle (body) with precision steering, and high performance, where you will have complete control of your vehicle (body), your 4-wheel drive.

 Plug in… Choose your electric vehicle with awareness, body, mind, spirit, and soul. Your vehicle is maintained and fueled by positive energy, diet, yoga, meditation, and consciousness. Or, you can keep your old vehicle, the old gas guzzler, such as a bloated belly, stiffness of the joints, back pain – and more? Your non-efficient and very costly vehicle when traded in can save you time and money, such as doctor visits and prescriptions and more.

The new vehicle:

  • Make: Yoga.
  • Model: Clarity.
  • Year: 2023.

Trade your old vehicle for a new electric vehicle. Plug in. Save your time, money, and life. Go electric. Go yoga.

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