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Chronic Pain? Bioidentical Hormones Can Help
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Chronic Pain? Bioidentical Hormones Can Help

What would you give to be pain-free? A natural, easy and effective solution is available. Bio-identical testosterone supplementation at the right dose can help relieve anguish from arthritis, fibromyalgia, menstrual migraines, and more.

“Two weeks after my first treatment I noticed my back wasn't hurting,” says Stephanie, age 38. Stephanie had chronic low back pain from a car accident years ago. “I went on a roller coaster with my children last week and didn't have to take Percocet or Darvocet like I used to.”

Many researchers and pain specialists now recognize testosterone deficiency in many chronic pain patients. Due to its critical functions in pain control, testosterone, its testing and replacement, should now become a viable component in the treatment of chronic pain. Testosterone promotes pain-helping chemicals in our body to multiply, move and bind to where our body is hurting. Therefore, a lack of testosterone activity in the body's nervous system may result in poor pain control.

“Each day was agony at work until I started getting bioidentical testosterone replacement,” says John, 51, a construction worker. “This therapy has helped my pain tremendously. I couldn't work without it.”

As men and women get older, sex hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, start to decrease. But what many people don't realize is that these hormones affect the entire body, not just the erogenous zones. In addition to testosterone's influence on pain tolerance and healing, sex hormones impact brain function, vascular health, metabolism and mood.

More and more, men and women are enjoying the benefits of replacing these crucial hormones to restore their health and re-energize their lives. Bioidentical hormones, especially when administered in pellet form, offer a convenient and effective treatment for low hormone levels. Studies have shown that using natural hormones in timed-release pellets for hormone replacement out performs all other equivalent methods of administration, including pills, creams, patches and injections.

Individualized pellet hormone replacement therapy is




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“I didn't think I needed it,” says a 61-year-old Owings Mills resident. “But after my first insert, I felt a vibrancy and aliveness in my body that I hadn't felt for years,” she says. “And I can walk fast without pain now.”

If you are having trouble managing chronic pain, talk to a bioidentical hormone replacement expert to discuss how restoring your testosterone levels could help.

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