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Rachel Strass, DOM, LAc
Acupuncture For All Types Of Pain
Spirit Point Healing
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Acupuncture For All Types Of Pain

Everyone wants to know what acupuncture can do for pain. This begs the question, what sort of pain do you mean? Do you mean the pain of a broken heart or the pain of a broken leg? I believe that everyone who comes to me is there for help with some sort of pain. Anxiety is gut wrenching and resentment leads to heartburn; most people connect emotions with physical sensations. In holistic medicine, there is no difference between thought digestion and lunch digestion. In Chinese Medicine (CM), it all happens in the Stomach and Spleen meridians, which make up the Earth element. So the quick answer is yes, acupuncture may help with pain, all kinds of pain.

So when someone asks, “Does it help with?” It is difficult not to smile. It is easy to create an endless list of woes that can be addressed because everything is connected. It all comes down to balancing the qi and the organ systems in the person. Qi runs through our body just like water runs through the planet. As we know, if all the water dried up, it would be the end of life on the planet. And when all our qi is gone, so is our life. According to CM, it's all about keeping that qi flowing and healthy. When a river is blocked, it cannot nourish the land downstream. When a meridian of qi is blocked, it is just the same. And it shows up as pain mental, physical, and/or emotional.

In our society, most illnesses and concerns have emotional roots. We do not suffer from hunger, heat, or cold. Most of us sit more than we stand, read more than we lift, and type more than we carry. A lot of shoulder problems are due to heavy purses, briefcases, and backpacks, filled with extraneous trophies of our lifestyle. A lot of our stress is from our desire to have things a new iPod, a new car, a new house, etc I have noticed that most of my patients feel much better after leaving it all behind for a vacation. It is no wonder. How much stress do we have in our lives that we create unnecessarily? The answer to unnecessary suffering is to simplify and let go of the things that are more trouble than they are worth. “Oh, what a pain.” Coincidence? I think not.

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