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Venetta Kalu, CNS, ND, MPHA
What Is A Vaginal Steam?
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What Is A Vaginal Steam?

What Is A Vaginal Steam?

A vaginal steam, popularly known as a V-Steam, is an ancient Korean, African, Asian, Indian, and Mayan feminine regimen used to cleanse the vagina and uterine lining in a safe, relaxing, and gentle way. The warm herbal steam delivers natural essential oils that nourish the vagina and uterine tissues. 

Why Do Women Engage In a Vaginal Steam?

Women’s bodies bear a heavy burden monthly, weekly, or on a yearly basis with the rigors of menstruation, the pleasures of sexual intercourse, and at times, through the process of childbirth. In addition, with the hormones changing as we age causing dryness at times, muscle and hip issues at other times, the entire groin and vaginal area withstands a lot and can become less than comfortable.

What Are the Benefits Of Steaming the Vaginal Area?

This age-old natural remedy used primarily after birth to cleanse the vagina and uterus has recently became popular as a detox treatment, an after-sex cleanser, an emotional regulator, a facial for the lady parts, or part of a girl’s trip. It is also used to help regulate menstruation, ease period cramps, calm bloating, tighten the vaginal tissue, rid vaginal odors, relieve itchiness, calm the nerves, help with stress and depression, and give a feeling of being clean. 

What Happens During a Visit?

During the 30 or 60 minute V-Steam process, clients are covered from the waist down and kept modest while sitting on the v-steamer, which is a cushioned seat with a hole in the middle to release the steam. The herbal steam created by the steamer makes contact with the vaginal tissues. It is as simple as that. All you do is relax and let the steam do all the work.

What Herbs Are Used?

There are many different herbs in different combinations that can be used based upon the spa. The primary herbs used have different properties that research shows helps with balancing the hormones, calming the nerves, relieving stress, sanitizing the body, increasing relaxation, delivering nourishment, softening the skin, balancing the pH, healing the body, and much more. However, the most common herbs used for V-steams are: calendula, mugwort, motherwort, lavender, chamomile, thyme, wormwood, myrrh, rose, red raspberry, and the list goes on based upon the preferences of the practitioner.

How Often Should One Steam?

That depends upon the problem that is being addressed. A bacterial, yeast, or odor problem will require a series of V-steams close together to adequately address the problem. However, if there are no problems, to get that feeling of clean may require less steams and sessions that are further apart.

What Is the Bottom Line On Getting a V-Steam?

A V-steam is good to try at least once for yourself. With the V-steam, you cannot take another person’s word for it because your body is your own and you will feel and get something different that is uniquely for you. Try it – you may like it.

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