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Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS
What Can Be Done About Asymmetrical Breasts?
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What Can Be Done About Asymmetrical Breasts?

Breast asymmetry means that one breast is larger than the other, or that they don’t exactly match in shape or position. This is fairly common in women; in fact most women’s breasts are not exactly the same size and shape.

The problem arises when the size or shape is significantly different from one side to the other. When a woman is dressing, and trying to look her best, this becomes a more significant issue, and she notices it more. Trying to determine what to do about it can be very challenging.

Sometimes clothes and undergarments may not fit properly. Some women are very self-conscious about the situation and try resolving this problem by stuffing their bras and/or bathing suit tops or buying inserts. Although these are adequate solutions for some appearances, they do not solve the problem.

Solutions include a combination of breast lifts or reductions on one side and implants on the other side, which makes the breasts more symmetrical. A combination of surgical treatments is the most common treatment, correcting the problem and ending years of aggravation.

In some women, the asymmetry is very pronounced. In these cases women have to try extra hard to make their breasts look symmetrical, or just give up and wear clothes that can hide everything. This is sad given that there are so many options now available to those women.

Advances in plastic and cosmetic surgery have created options, which more women are learning about and taking advantage of.

Breast reduction can be performed to reduce the larger of the two breasts. This involves removal of excess fat and skin. Or, augmentation can be done on the other side. Either procedure results in breasts that are more similar in size. Correcting breast asymmetry has not only helped women improve upon their appearance, but it can also provide a boost to their self-esteem and self-confidence.

The choice of which procedure to undergo to correct breast asymmetry is something you and your surgeon will discuss. Patients decide which side or breast they like the best (cup size and shape) and the doctor develops a plan to match the breasts. You and your doctor can discuss these options in more detail, as well as gain a better understanding of breast augmentation and breast reduction, during a private consultation.

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