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Turning Back the Clock In Your Fifties
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Turning Back the Clock In Your Fifties

For many women, fifty ushers in the most exciting and productive time of their lives. Completely comfortable in their own skin, confident and strengthened through decades of trials and tribulations, women in their fifties often possess an inner grace that is hard to resist.

Mirror Reflections in Your Fifties

Feeling great on the inside is a fabulous and just reward for a fiftieth birthday and beyond. There are also things you can do to ensure the reflection you see when you look in the mirror looks just as good as you feel or better.

Refining Your Skin's Clarity and Texture

In one's fifties, irregularities in skin tone and texture become more pronounced. Sun spots, age spots, broken capillaries and dispersed patterns of fine lines and wrinkles are quite common as the skin thins and loses its elasticity.

If you've postponed the use of lasers and light based therapies, now is definitely the time to add their therapeutic benefits to your anti-aging protocol. IPL treatments can erase skin discolorations without downtime, while advanced technologies such as CO2 Laser Resurfacing and MicroLaserPeel allows skin to both tighten and increase collagen production in the deeper dermal layers. Following treatment, skin not only looks younger, it also “acts” younger, functioning the way it did in earlier years.

Lifting Sagging Skin and Muscles

Hereditary genes and lifestyle choices play an important role in how well we age. Facial cosmetic surgery provides a number of viable solutions to reverse the effects of time. With a skillful and masterful approach muscles, tissue, fat and bones can be re-draped into more harmonious and youthful proportions.

Smooth Lines and Wrinkles

Injectable neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin still play a pivotal role in the anti-aging arena for women fifty and older. Regularly scheduled treatments relax lines and wrinkles and prevent new lines from forming. Additionally, injectable facial fillers can be used to enhance facial volume and extend the rejuvenating benefits of facial cosmetic surgery.

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