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Mo Akins
Tips For Great Looking Hair
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Tips For Great Looking Hair

  • Beautiful hair begins with a healthy and clean scalp.
  • In between salon visits you can use dry shampoo on your hair if you feel it is too oily or if it has build up.
  • Keep your hair shiny by sleeping with a satin bonnet or a satin pillow.
  • To add even more shine, use lightweight, alcohol-free spray-on hair products that offer shine at least once or twice a week.
  • To keep your color bright and shiny use color shampoo and condition. Hot water fades color faster, so use lukewarm or cold water to keep your color looking fresh.
  • Stay away from heat in between salon visits to avoid split ends from flat ironing your hair. If you need some curls in your hair you can pin curl your hair overnight and you have some bouncing curls in the morning.
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