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Eva Swersey
The Truth About Endermologie
Body Elements, LLC

The Truth About Endermologie

Massage-Based Technology Feels Fantastic While Toning Your Body

If the surveys I read are accurate most women are pretty unhappy with their bodies. The findings remind me of Mark Twains famous saying that there are three kinds of lies “lies, damned lies and statistics.” Id like to modify Twains remark and add “surveys” because really, can that many of us be that unhappy with our figures?
Putting aside those lucky girls blessed with a combination of great genes, terrific workout habits and well-rounded diets I could see where the answer might be “yes.” But think about this No matter how excellent the genepool or how hard they sweat daily at the gym they still complain about cellulite. Or they take drastic action and attack more problematic fat through liposuction surgery and other painful or invasive procedures.
Cellulite, though, is a scourge of most women (and men, but in the form of abdominal flab because of how their body stores fat), no matter how fit they are. Trainers and dietitians might be able to help a little, but even with their expertise it might not matter. The fact is, studies show that more than 90 percent of females battle cellulite.
Cellulite for the most part is hereditary, and reveals itself as trapped fat cells just under the skin. By the time they reach 30 many women notice a decrease in blood circulation and fluid retention and an increase in a dimpled or lumpy look around the thighs and buttocks region. Thats cellulite. And for both women and men, the outer layer, the layer visible to the eye, can become resistant to diet and exercise.
What to do? Heres where Endermologie can help. Its the first patented technology process cleared by the FDA as a therapeutic massage technique that can help eliminate the appearance of cellulite. The powerful massage technology not only feels incredible, like a deep-tissue sports massage, it can produce results. That means no surgery, no needles and no pain. Endermologie works by increasing blood circulation by up to 400 percent, breaking down fat deposits and helping the body eliminate them naturally. The result can typically be a more toned, contoured body, with improved energy.
The technology also has a variety of other benefits depending on the massage protocol provided. These include pain management, muscle rehabilitation, improved flexibility and power for athletes, and providing comprehensive pre and post surgery results for liposuction patients particularly those concerned with swelling.
For the average user, a series of massages, combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a balanced diet and plenty of hydration can produce the best long term results.
While some in the health industry advocate competing solutions creams, lotions, various exercises for fat and cellulite few may match the consistent, long term results of Endermologie. Check for yourself. Perform a Web search on any of the popular womens publications from Cosmopolitan to Marie Claire to Self magazine and youll see a variety of articles about Endermologie and its many benefits.
Were he alive today, Mark Twain might find thats a statistic he could wrap his arms around.

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