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Don J. Fontana, MD, PA
The Quick Fix A Terrific Choice
Don Fontana, MD

The Quick Fix A Terrific Choice

In a previous article, I discussed the timing of various cosmetic plastic surgical procedures. The purpose of the article was to aid the patient to determine the time he/she might need for the recovery period. It is more frequent; however, that a patient does not need the “total make-over”, or even a simple surgical procedure but merely wants a “tweak”, that is, a mild improvement that can be performed quickly, with little or no down time. Summer time is particularly a good time to consider a “tweak procedure.”
If you are over age 30 and have had more than your share of sun, your choices are many. The pesky crows feet, frown lines are treated easily and quickly with Botox. Patients consistently marvel at the dramatic results from just a few carefully placed injections into the involved area. Results last three to six months with muscle activity slowly returning. In my practice, there have been no unfavorable side effects or complications of any type. Botox is best suited for decreasing the deep furrows of the forehead, the crows feet around the eyes and the “turkey neck” seen in older patients. The cost of the treatment varies according to the amount of Botox used. Be very wary of the low cost Botox bargains. This can only be achieved by diluting it. You may have little or no change if you receive a diluted injection of the medication. Be certain that the treating physician is properly trained. A thorough understanding of facial anatomy is important to assure you that the results will be effective and lasting. The Food and Drug Administration allows ANY licensed physician to purchase Botox. The question is whether that physician has the appropriate knowledge to administer it.
The fillers are also a quick fix, which should be considered. The deep folds about the nose and mouth areas, the so-called; “marionette lines” can be lessened or completely eliminated with the skillful injection of various facial fillers. An appropriate nerve block eliminates the potentially painful injection of these areas completely. Nerve blocks are a necessity when considering lip enlargement. In no other structure of the face is the skill of the plastic surgeon more important than injecting the lips. The artificial “duck lip” which is seen too frequently is the typical result of a physician who does not understand the proportions and balance of lip esthetics.
Thermage is also a quick fix of growing popularity. This involves applying highly controlled heat to the skin resulting in a tightening of the treated area. It has been applied to the face with good results and now is approved for application to other parts of the body, such as the arms, abdomen, legs and breats.
Consider an appointment to discuss these options. They are all quick, easy, almost risk free and all at a very reasonable cost.

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