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George Bitar, MD
The Luminous Lift Delivering That Spring Time Glow
Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute
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The Luminous Lift Delivering That Spring Time Glow

Patients frequently report that they have been told or feel that they look tired. “I want to look as good as they feel,” is a common refrain. Many patients are motivated to reverse the signs of aging without high costs, hospitalization, or concerns regarding looking “overdone.”

To date, many procedures have been developed to rejuvenate the face in a minimally invasive way without major surgery. Disappointingly, these individual procedures often “fall short” of their goal because they address isolated concerns. Infomercials marketing dramatic results at introductory prices can be misleading, both from a results and cost standpoint. The Luminous Lift was designed to address these common issues.

The Luminous Lift is an innovative combination of well-described, minimally invasive facial rejuvenation techniques to achieve harmonious rejuvenation safely under local anesthesia. As one of the early pioneers in this approach, we first published this clinical series in the prestigious Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2006. Since then, we have performed hundreds of these procedures using local anesthetic techniques. Patients safely and comfortably undergo this procedure in the privacy and convenience of the office. During the procedure, patients are comfortably awake and aware of their surroundings without significant discomfort. Most healthy patients with early facial aging are good candidates for the procedure.

How Can This
Procedure Help You?

Facial aging is a combination of changes in skin texture, laxity, descent of soft tissues and loss of facial volume. Our anatomy, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors all have a significant impact on the aging process. Sun, stress, and smoking are the most common culprits. Facial aging affects all areas of the face from the forehead to the neck. If one zone is addressed without taking the others into consideration, it leads to less than optimal results. One zone of the face should harmoniously interact with the other to deliver that natural glow. Each patient's face is evaluated holistically. “Our goal is to deliver excellent results for our patients, not wax poetic about our favorite procedures.”

As unique as we all are, the procedure requires some customization. Physical findings, recovery requirements, and cost considerations are all taken into account when developing a treatment plan. There are three levels developed in order to address these concerns. The procedure lasts anywhere from 1-5 hours and patients experience minimal to mild pain. Patients usually need 3 days to 2 weeks before returning to social functions. Most patients find this approach quite acceptable and fit it into their schedules without difficulty. Our patients have been very satisfied with this approach and are pleased with how many compliments they get about their refreshed appearance.

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