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Elba M. Pacheco, MD
The "Liquid Facelift" A New Approach To Looking Younger
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The "Liquid Facelift" A New Approach To Looking Younger

Cosmetic options have undergone a paradigm shift in the treatment of facial aging with a new emphasis being placed on prevention and less invasive approaches. A new approach to looking younger is the “Liquid Face lift” and combination therapies. When non-invasive treatments are introduced early we can actually slow down the changes caused by aging; thus preventing or delaying more invasive surgeries. For many of us preventing the taut skin and surgical look are desirable goals. The effects of aging occur gradually and we find ourselves wishing for aesthetic enhancements before we are ready for a surgical facelift.
The “Liquid Face Lift” is accomplished through a combination of Botox, dermal fillers (Restylane or Juvederm), and medical-grade skin care. Botox lifts the eyebrow area and eliminates unwanted frown lines by relaxing the underlying muscles. The art of Botox relies upon your surgeon having specialized training and experience that allows the Botox placement to be individualized. Dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, add or restore volume to the lips and smooth nasolabial, marionette and jowl folds. Restoring volume is one of the most effective and natural ways to look younger and refreshed. Dermal filler treatments are quick and results are immediate. The effects of dermal fillers are even more dramatic when used in combination with Botox.
For optimal results, Botox and dermal filler treatments should be personally administered only by the physician. Fellowship training as an oculoplastic surgeon provides additional experience and expertise. A topical anesthetic cream is applied prior to both dermal fillers and Botox offering patients a pain-free experience. Treatments can be performed in less than 30 minutes and do not require any downtime. Advanced uses of Botox and Restylane include Botox in the perioral, neck and bunny line areas, and dermal fillers for crows feet, under eye dark circles and brow lifting.
Worried about facial skin laxity and sun damage from sunbathing and years of recreational boating? Combine Thermage, Fraxel laser treatment, or IPL Photorejuventation into your treatment plan. Thermage, known as the “mini-face lift” is the first non-surgical, FDA-approved procedure that can tighten and lift brows, cheeks and neck through the use of radio frequency waves with no interruption to normal activities. When skin texture, wrinkles, sun and brown spots, acne scars, and melasma are the primary concern, Fraxel laser treatments repair and resurface the skin a fraction at a time (3 to 5 sessions). IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) can also treat sun damage in a gentler, non-invasive way using pulses of light that minimize brown spots and pore size, treat broken capillaries, veins, and rosacea changes with no down time. Optimal results may require a combination of therapies.

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