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Sharon Blondeau, BSN, RN, MHA
The Art Of Tattoo Removal
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The Art Of Tattoo Removal

There are many questions that are asked when the topic of tattoo removal comes up. Here are some popular ones that I have been asked over the years

Q How safe and effective is laser tattoo removal?

A Laser tattoo removal is an effective and safe method to remove tattoos. Most clients do not develop any complications and get satisfactory results, meaning most or all of the ink clears. There are many factors that impact tattoo removal. A person's skin type, their general health and immune health, age and location of the tattoo, how deep the ink is applied into the skin, post treatment care, and time between sessions are all factors that impact removal. For example, if you have a professionally applied tattoo, and the artist pushed the needle deep into your skin, leaving a raised area, removing this type of tattoo will probably take more sessions and longer waiting period between sessions to clear.

Q I have a new tattoo. I got it two months ago and I want to get rid of it. Is it better to do it now or wait?

A Newer tattoos are less responsive to laser treatment than older ones, and while the laser will work, it may require more sessions to effectively reduce the tattoo to a desirable level. Other options include surgical removal, medical dermabrasion (both leave some scaring), removal creams (not always effective), or in some cases injecting saline into the tattoo (not widely practiced).

Q What is the danger of sun exposure after laser tattoo removal?

A Keeping it covered is your best bet. If you find that the area will be exposed to the sun, use a high SPF sunscreen or, even better, an occlusive block like zinc oxide. The reason you need to keep it covered, is that the more tanned your skin is, the more risk you have of developing hypopigmentation or loss of skin color during subsequent treatments. The laser does not differentiate between the darkness of your skin and the tattoo ink.

Q Can tattoo eyeliner be removed?

A Yes, tattoo eyeliner may be removed with the laser but you must go to a specialist who is skilled with using corneal shields.

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