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Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS
Targeting Those Stubborn Pockets Of Excess Fat
Bella Cosmetic Surgery
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Targeting Those Stubborn Pockets Of Excess Fat

Millions of people are in good health, exercise and diet properly. However, there are pockets of excess fat that the healthy, conscientious person just can’t seem to tackle. These fat deposits do not seem to care how much you exercise, or what you eat they seem unaffected.

What do you do about those pesky unwanted pockets of fat? After you’ve tried and tried, it can be very frustrating. The time, effort and money you spent seems to have all been a waste. What you really need to understand is that this is very common, and in most cases, the only way to get rid of them is with some help.

An expert cosmetic surgeon can show you exactly why these fat deposits are so hard to handle, and several options of what you can do about them. The ideal candidates are men and women who are fit and in good health, but are not able to eliminate excess fat deposits through diet and exercise alone.

I have developed what I call The Bella Body Lift, which targets the middle section of the body during one surgical operation. It’s designed to improve the appearance of your upper torso by removing unwanted fat pockets and extra skin from just below your breast line down to the lower abdomen. It even targets the thigh area.

A tummy tuck targets the stomach area, while a lower body lift enhances the hips or thighs, which means unwanted fatty deposits in the upper abdomen remain untouched. The Bella Body Lift targets this particular region of the body and incorporates the tummy tuck along with the middle body liposuction and abdominal tightening procedure.

Most patients see a reduction of one to two dress sizes on average. They also report a surge in their self-confidence and have a high satisfaction rate.

So, if you’re one of the millions of people who want to get rid of those fat pockets and deposits that have frustrated you, no matter what you do, then now is the time to consider seeing an expert cosmetic surgeon.

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