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Eva Swersey
Springtime Rejuvenation
Body Elements, LLC

Springtime Rejuvenation

Endermologie Can Help you Create a
Body Built for Summer

So here we are, survivors of one of the colder winters in recent memory. It may be spring, but spring in the Washington area is a mean-spirited tease. I remember glorious 80-degree days in April followed by frigid nights and snow flurries. Also, that daylight savings trick, when it began two weeks earlier this year? Im sorry that just rubbed salt in the wound.

The point is late spring, almost summer, whatever we made it. And, what do you have show for it? If youre like most people, we wait all year for this weather, peel off our heavy dark clothes for the fun light stuff and findwell, what? Did you find a lean, contoured body lacking only a little sunshine?

Let me put it another way Are you in the same shape you were last summer sleek and lean? Over the winter most people slack off, and thats natural. But whether youre male or female, sometimes it just doesnt matter how many hours youve logged in the gymits just hard to maintain the summer look you flaunted eight months ago.

For some people its truly about fighting about fat, or maybe their genetic predisposition. For others its about not feeling “tight” or energized. And for women, its often about cellulite, or even about that last detail youre basically in shape but the dimples on your upper thighs and rear-end drive you nuts. For men whether or not they work out regularly its all about the love handles.

The Endermologie Experience

There is help, and its called Endermologie. Its the first patented process cleared by the FDA as a therapeutic massage technique proved to eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

Endermologie works by increasing the bodys metabolism and circulation through deep-tissue massage. This non-invasive technology helps the body eliminate fatty deposits naturally, resulting in smoother skin and a more contoured body through improved muscle definition. Its really the perfect complement for those who work out and want that something extra. For those who dont, the results might knock your socks off.

The Service is provided by trained, certified technicians and feels like a deep-tissue sports massage. Its become a popular staple on the celebrity circuit and has been written about extensively in a variety of womens magazines including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Self.

The process uses a patented mechanism that combines unique rollers and a vacuum effect to massage and smooth out the skin including areas of cellulite and fat. The result is more energy, and a sleeker, more contoured body.

Some clients see a difference at six or seven sessions, and others may not see the effects until a few more. For best results, a combination of exercise, healthy diet, regular water consumption and vitamins is recommended along with the treatment.

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