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Eva Swersey
Soothe Your Inner Athlete
Body Elements, LLC

Soothe Your Inner Athlete

Since fall is finally here I got to thinking about that other autumn sport marathons. And not just any marathon. I mean our own Marine Corps marathon, also known as the “Peoples Marathon,” because there is no barrier to entry anyone can run it as long as they get the entry in on time.
Its an amazing thing when you think about it. Average folks like you and me with little running in their backgrounds to suggest they can train themselves into marathon-level shape. I particularly like the adventurous beginners the ones who opt in “just to see if they could finish.”
By now, most of these runners are well into their training regimen. But, fit though they may be, many forget about a crucial training component muscle recovery. The harder you train and this is true whether youre a runner, a weight lifter, or a weekend flag football player the more your muscles need to recuperate.
Endermologie to the Rescue
Recent studies on athletic performance show that athletes can benefit from an FDA-approved process called Endermologie. And not just Endermologie depending on the needs of a particular athlete, they also could benefit from Endermologie-based EndermoSport treatments as well, which focus on power and flexibility. But lets face it if it can improve the performance and power of world-class athletes, the average person will probably find great benefit to this deep, connective-tissue massage technology. While Endermologie feels great and is energizing, it also has other benefits for women and men, including the reduction or elimination of the appearance of cellulite and love handles.
In the last decade researchers determined that Endermologie can help tone the body by increasing blood circulation and the bodys metabolic rate, while intensifying the benefits of strenuous workouts.
Other benefits include
Improved strength training and recovery
Improved muscle tone
Improved flexibility and range of movement
75% restoration of muscle strength within 48 hours after a workout
The massage treatments are administered by certified technicians using a patented mechanism that uses unique rollers and a unique, vacuum-like device to provide what really feels like an old-school sports massage but with powerful benefits.
When treatments follow a workout, users also notice fewer injuries, faster muscle recovery (and the removal of lactic acid), more energy, and improved intensity of future workouts.
Not Just for Athletes
The LPG Endermologie machine is endorsed by many plastic surgeons and dermatologists. While it originally was invented to remove scars, research determined it also increased circulation under the skin, which results in a smoothing and tightening effect of the treated region hips, thighs and buttocks for women; abs and waist for men.
A series of massages, combined with regular exercise, a smart diet and lots of hydration, produce the best long-term results. This includes athletes seeking looking for an edge in power and flexibility, or a woman hoping to smooth away cellulite. Because it increases blood circulation by 400 percent, it helps burn fat and can lead to a more contoured body look.
And whether or not you actually finish your marathon Endermologie and EndermoSport will always offer a recuperative haven for your inner athlete.
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