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Yetunde Sannoh, MD
Skin Tightening
Total Wellness Healthcare Clinic

Skin Tightening

There are several cutting-edge procedures available to tighten skin on your face and body. 

How does Pellevé® tighten skin? The Pellevé wrinkle reduction system uses radiofrequency (RF) energy that passes through the upper layer of facial skin to heat tissues in deeper layers. Heat from RF energy causes two results:

• Contracts existing collagen to immediately tighten skin

• Stimulates production of new collagen and elastin

As old layers of skin are shed and replaced with new collagen and elastin, your fresh skin is tighter, stronger, and more elastic (individual results may vary). As Pellevé tightens skin, it also effectively diminishes, crow’s feet, lines on the forehead, wrinkles around your mouth, lines between your eyebrows, loose skin above or below your eyes, and nasolabial folds (wrinkles running from your nose to the corners of your mouth).

How is skin tightened using PrecisionTx™? PrecisionTx is an advanced laser treatment designed to eliminate fat and tighten skin in your neck, jawline, and lower cheeks. It’s also a minimally-invasive procedure, so it uses tiny incisions that allow the device to be inserted into the layer of fat.

You doctor can direct laser energy into fat cells, which destroys the cells, and it can be used to target your skin, where it triggers collagen production. Your skin becomes tighter as fresh collagen replaces old skin.

How does treatment with Smartlipo® Triplex® tighten your skin? Smartlipo Triplex is similar to the PrecisionTx, except that it uses a laser to tighten skin and eliminate fat on your abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. It’s also a minimally-invasive procedure that requires only local anesthesia and a small incision.

The device operates using three different wavelengths, which your doctor can use one at a time or together to customize your results. Smartlipo Triplex has wavelengths that effectively stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin. The increase in collagen tightens skin and improves its elasticity by 57% (individual results may vary).

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