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Sherri Hudson, CT
Skin Disorders
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Skin Disorders

Of all the body’s organs, none is more easily inspected nor exposed to infection, disease, and injury than the skin. Changes in skin color may indicate imbalances in the body. Abnormal skin eruptions or rashes such as chicken pox, cold sores, or measles may reveal systemic infections or diseases of internal organs. Other disorders may involve just the skin itself, such as warts, age spots, pimples or skin cancer. The skin’s location makes it vulnerable to damage from trauma, sunlight, microbes, and pollutants in the environment.

Many interrelated factors affect both the appearance and health of the skin, including nutrition, hygiene, circulation, age, immunity, genetic traits, environmental stress, psychological state, and drugs.

So important is the skin to one’s image, that many people spend much time and money to restore it to a more normal or youthful appearance.

Therefore, it is vital to check periodically the condition of your skin. A thermographic scan of your skin can measure heat (thermal) differences that help in understanding possible disease or disorder. Thermal imaging can also provide information about changes during treatment for burns, skin cancer, acne and other disorders. This is because cellular activity produces heat, which can be measured through thermography.

Medical Thermography May

Effectively Assist Treatment Of



Skin tumours


Acne rosacea



Yeast infection

Bacterial Infection

Skin cancer (melanoma)

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