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Sherry Maragh, MD
6 Quick Tips for Natural, Healthy Skin
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6 Quick Tips for Natural, Healthy Skin

6 Quick Tips for Natural, Healthy Skin

1. Cleanse Your Skin Daily.

A daily skin cleansing regimen is essential to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Going for the squeaky clean feeling is not always the best thing for your skin. You should avoid harsh soaps that strip the natural oils your skin needs which can exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, choose a mild cleanser that removes excess oil, makeup and debris from the skin.

A weekly exfoliating regimen using natural alpha and beta-hydroxy acids (glycolic acid, salicylic acid) can help to remove dead skin and maintain a healthy glow.

2. Moisturize Your Skin.

Your skin needs moisture to help it maintain its natural, healthy glow. This doesnt mean you have to make your skin oily with heavy creams and lotions. Moisturizers help the skin to seal in natural moisture and prevent dryness and peeling which increase the signs of aging. For healthy skin that lasts a lifetime, you should wear a daily moisturizer that contains an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15.

The moisturizer that is best for your skin depends on many different factors including your age and skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, etc). The moisturizer you use may also depend on your specific needs such as anti-aging, acne, rosacea and eczema to name a few.

3. Always Use sunscreen.

Protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure is the most important way to maintain healthy skin. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet radiation that can damage the skin causing wrinkles, brown spots, broken blood vessels, benign skin growths as well as skin cancers. People who spend lots of time in the sun can also develop dry, rough, leathery skin which makes them look older than they really are.

4. Maintain a Healthy Diet and Exercise Regimen and Get Some Rest.

Sounds familiar? Thats right. Healthy skin requires a healthy body. Eating the right foods including fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly and getting adequate rest will help your skin maintain its natural, youthful glow. Put the soda down and grab a bottle of water instead. Your skin will appreciate it. Your body is constantly producing new skin cells and trying to get rid of the old. A healthy diet that may include vitamin supplements can help.

5. Avoid Smoking.

No surprise. Cigarette smoke emits harmful toxic chemicals which accelerate aging and damage of the skin in addition to diminishing your overall health. Cigarette smoke compromises blood flow to the skin and deprives the skin of necessary oxygen and nutrients that it needs to repair.

6. Visit Your Dermatologist At Least Once a Year

Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist each year for a full body screening. During this visit, your dermatologist will examine your skin for signs of sun damage, aging and screen for skin cancer. Your dermatologist can answer your skin care questions and work with you to determine the best skin care regimen and products best for you. Always perform a monthly self-skin check at home on your skin to look for anything changing in size, shape or color or anything that is irritated, painful or bleeding. If you notice any of these things, dont wait! Your dermatologist will help you determine if further treatment is necessary.

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