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Revamp Your Skincare Routine This Spring With These 5 Simple Steps
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Revamp Your Skincare Routine This Spring With These 5 Simple Steps

Revamp Your Skincare Routine This Spring With These 5 Simple Steps

Spring is finally here. Most people don’t change their skincare routine very often or even think about it. If you’re already cleaning out closets, take a few minutes to also go through your skincare products. Here are 5 simple spring-cleaning skin steps:

1. Now is a good time to clean and replace your skin care tools.  Makeup brushes, hairbrushes, combs, exfoliators, and other items need to be cleaned and replaced regularly.

2. Spring means more time outdoors enjoying the warmer weather, so it’s a great opportunity to review your sun protection routine. Most sunscreens expire after six months, so if you’ve had the same bottle of sunscreen in your cabinet for quite a while, it’s time to replace it.

3. Spring is also a good opportunity to review your skin routine to make sure you’re using the right products and applying them correctly. Each person should work with a dermatologist to develop a customized daytime and nighttime skincare routine that fits their individual needs. 

4. People don’t usually spend much time getting to know any parts of their bodies.  Many skin health concerns, like melanoma, are diagnosed in later, more severe stages because people don’t notice the early warning signs. That’s why regular skin self-exams are so important.  In short, you should know your skin like the back of your hand.

5. Whether you have sensitive skin, a chronic skin condition, you notice something concerning during a self-exam, or you just want to keep your skin looking and feeling great, annual skin exams are essential and allow you to stay on top of caring for your skin.

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