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Toni Greene, Owner
Naturally Beautiful Skin
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Naturally Beautiful Skin

Naturally Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin is a result of the care given to self. We buy products to make our skin more beautiful and more radiant when in essence all we really need to do is to eat the right foods, drink fresh water, and get proper sleep and wash our body.

People have a tendency to stay up late at night and watch television or even read, that’s okay except what you are watching or reading affects the subconscious mind and we have a tendency to think or dream about what we have read or seen, and that can affect our sleep. When we are not getting proper sleep it shows up in our bodies, in our actions, in our words and on our faces causing us to look and feel tired. Eating the right foods has a lot to do with our skin as well.  Meats, alcohol, and smoking show up on our faces, teeth, hair and skin.    

Smokers can develop tiny, plentiful wrinkles over their top lip and tiny lines around the eyes more readily than non-smokers, due to inhaling and squinting to avoid smoke getting into the eyes.

The skin on the face can start to look like the texture of leather. The teeth can become brown and the breath smells like smoke. Eye drops, mints, breathe sprays and teeth whiteners are used to mask the abuse we have done to our bodies.

Foods such as meat, not just red, but white meat (pork), has a slow digestion rate in the body. That can cause the skin to look tired and pale, because of the sluggish digestion and removal from the bowels. Proper digestion, fresh foods, fresh water, proper sleep, regular bowel movements, at least 2-3 time a day, has a profound effect on the skin and smile.

To have beautiful skin and a beautiful smile eat fresh, get proper rest, quit smoking, and drinking in excess, have regular bowel movements and remember “You are what you eat”, so eat fresh and whole foods, fruits and green vegetables.

Try avoiding synthetic products on the skin and body. Take the time to wash your body, oil your skin (body), brush your teeth and keep smiling. Rubbing in natural oils massages the skin and it helps to keep the skin not only looking healthy but it is healthy.   


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