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Faith M. Coppola, CMT
Natural Way To Beauty With Massage Therapy
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Natural Way To Beauty With Massage Therapy

Beauty blooms from within, some say. Life is jammed with functions that attack your body and mind. Daily activities that overuse and weaken your muscles tear them down. You become sore and full of lactic acid.

The stress of endless hours hunched over a desk, driving a car through miles of traffic, or dealing with agitations from personal life, combating toxins and pollutants, causes mental and physical anguish which ages you, making you worn down.

Don't like what you see on the outside? Massage therapy works its magic from the inside out. A session is wonderful for overall health and includes some very specific internal benefits as well, keeping you feeling and looking better than before.

Spending time on the massage table battles forces that keep you drained, sick, over-weight, bloated, toxic, lethargic, and immobile. A relaxing massage improves circulation and eases discomfort, all of which helps you feel young and vibrant.

With regular sessions you will not only enjoy the benefits of improved health and physical condition, but you will feel more apt to deal with stress. Massage is an enjoyable way to alleviate the symptoms of many age-related diseases and improve your quality of life. Feeling good on the inside will make you radiate on the outside.

How Does Massage Put a Pep In Your Step and a Glow On Your Skin?

Massage amps up circulation by bringing nutrient dense blood to toxic, damaged muscle tissue and helps to eliminate fluid build-up by allowing the lymphatic system to perform its best to keep skin glowing on the outside.

Another little secret, massage fights the hormone cortisol, which spikes your appetite, leading you to pack on pounds of weight. Not to fear though, regular therapy releases the feel-good hormone, serotonin, which acts as a natural appetite suppressant and helps to increase a sluggish metabolism.

Pollution gives your skin a sickly, sallow look. Massage flushes toxins

including those stagnating in your major organs that could lead to chronic diseases and fatigue.

With all this hustle and bustle going on in your life, it is no wonder anxiety, headaches, nerve pain, and poor digestion is afoot. Neck and low-back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis are just a few of the complaints that are alleviated and sometimes eliminated through massage therapy.

Don't wait. To keep you focused in life and feeling great, try a soothing, well-deserved, stress-relieving massage therapy session today.

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