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George Bitar, MD
Mommy Make-Overs
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Mommy Make-Overs

One of the most beautiful gifts in life is giving birth. Mommies are lucky to do that, but to some mommies, the gift of life comes with a toll on their bodies.

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy and to have a complete transformation of the body's physique around the time of pregnancy and delivery. Normally, a woman gains fat in order to support the growing fetus. The breasts engorge with milk for breast-feeding, which can stretch the breasts and create a sagging appearance. The abdominal skin and muscles stretch to accommodate the growing fetus, and some of the skin's elasticity is never recovered after giving birth, especially when a woman is pregnant with twins or after multiple children. The hips and thighs can also get wider in the process.

The first and foremost action after the delivery is to enjoy the little bundle of joy. The second action is perhaps to commit to a healthy regimen of diet and exercise to shed the baby weight. In some circumstances, even the best diet and highly disciplined exercise regimen is not good enough to reshape the body contour to the pre-baby state or at least in that vicinity. The solution could be plastic surgery.

When women think of “mommy make-overs,” they immediately think of lifting the breasts, a tummy tuck, and some liposuction to the hips and thighs. This combination is very popular, effective, and safe in healthy mommies, and can be performed in one operation most of the time.

The breasts, the symbol of femininity and sex appeal can become flattened after breast-feeding, pendulous or both. Either a breast-lift, a breast augmentation, or a combination breast augmentation and lift will make that mommy very happy and will boost her self confidence.

The tummy, which may be tucked in clothes, but can become a nuisance, can undergo a tummy tuck. This is a procedure where the excess fat and skin are cut out, the muscle is tightened and the stretch marks are either completely or mostly removed. This procedure, by virtue of the muscle tightening, offers a flattened tummy and an enhanced waistline, as if the woman is wearing an internal corset.

Liposuction, which can be used to reshape the silhouette, is most commonly utilized in combination with the tummy tuck procedure to shape the torso contour as well as to reshape the thighs and hips.

Overall, “mommy make-overs” can take from one to five hours depending on the extent of the procedures performed. It can either be a same day surgery or can require an overnight hospital stay, depending on the mommy. Ten days to two weeks off of work are typically needed, and about a month off before mommies can return to the gym. A lifetime of happiness typically ensues.

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