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Keep Hydrated This Winter
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Keep Hydrated This Winter

Keep Hydrated This Winter

During the colder weather and being in places with central heating, our skin becomes more dry and often more sensitive. Make sure you keep hydrated during the day by drinking enough water and adding a hyaluronic acid serum to your skincare routine.

Gentle cleansing is a must. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, it’s likely that the cleanser you are using has disrupted your skin barrier. Your skin should feel calm and hydrated after cleansing. So, if you are reaching immediately for your moisturizer, you may want to consider a gentle cleanser.

Be sure to use creams and serums containing vitamin C. Vitamin C will keep your skin glowing during the colder months. It brightens, strengthens, and stimulates collagen production, which helps the skin retain its moisture better and helps protect it from external aggressors.

When choosing a moisturizer, pay attention to texture. Fluids and emulsions are not suitable for winter and lightweight moisturizers are ideal for most skin types in summer. Switching to creams with help your skin because the dense texture will seal the moisture inside and act as a winter coat for the skin.

Always make sure you’re applying SPF and be sure to use SPF products even in cloudy weather. It’s important that SPF is a part of your skin care during winter because UV rays are still active during this time of the year.

Lip care is especially important in the winter. Get rid of those bad habits such as biting and licking your lips. Normalize your diet, and buy a lip balm that contains antioxidants – vitamins A, E , C, F and natural ingredients. Such a remedy will help to avoid drying of the lips because of wind and low temperatures. The use of a lip scrub will also help moisturize the lips, improve blood circulation, and remove dead skin cells. Be sure to do this at least once a week and you will notice the effect almost immediately.

Don’t forget about your hands. Wear gloves every time you go outside during the winter and when doing housework. Use a hydrating and soft lotion on your hands and legs every day in general and before going out into the cold. Don’t forget to exfoliate your hands. Lowering the temperature of your shower or bath will help get rid of dry hands.

Winter skin is often dull. It’s recommended to have a professional facial about every four weeks. But during the winter, you may book sooner to make sure your skin barrier is always in tact. Regular facials will help to keep your skin clean, clear, and hydrated while maximizing your everyday skin care regime too.

Consider getting a professional skin treatment. Winter is a great time of the year for skin treatments like peels and laser treatment. In the summer months, because of sun exposure, getting one of these treatments puts you at a higher risk of unwanted post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Article written by Margarita Zorkina, Master Estethician

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