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Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS
Interactive Breast Simulation Technology Accurately Shows You How You Will Look
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Interactive Breast Simulation Technology Accurately Shows You How You Will Look

Every woman wants to see how she will look in her own clothes after having breast augmentation. Of course they do it’s only natural to want to know. That’s why it’s one of the most asked questions heard by cosmetic surgeons.

Even if you think that you will never have breast augmentation, most women would love to see what it would look like if they did.

Now you can have a simulation done that will give you unlimited views of how you will look in all your favorite clothes. From the evening gown, to the chic work outfit, to the beach bikini, to your most intimate apparel, you can see how all your favorite outfits will look on your new figure.

Here’s How It Works

The new technology called e-Stetix, developed by Swedish company Crisalix, can now answer the most important question women have about breast augmentation “How will I look after the surgery?” The 3-D animation is fully interactive to show you how you will look in all the clothes you would wear.

Your physician will take left, center and right side pictures of you. These pictures will be securely input into an advanced computing system to accurately simulate a 3D image of you within just a few minutes.

Unlimited 3D Simulations

Your physician will show you fully interactive 3D views to accurately portray your own before and after images for virtually any breast implant augmentation.

Simulation of realistic expectations, exclusively based on your own body.

Increased communication with your physician.

Active participation in the consultation.

Wide selection of implant sizes and shapes.

Higher degree of confidence.

Accurately Simulating the New You

The fully interactive web-based 3D simulator for breast augmentation is based on the patient’s own physical attributes. With just three standard digital photos and a few body measurements, e-Stetix generates an immediate 3D simulation of the patient’s pre-surgery body. It only takes a few clicks to generate a remarkably accurate, instantaneous 3D simulation of the patient’s post-surgery body.

The First 3D Virtual Wardrobe

For the first time in plastic surgery history, patients seeking breast augmentation can visualize their new bodies in 3D, dressed for any occasion. With e-Stetix, the doctor takes the consultation to yet another level and satisfies his/her patient’s ultimate desire to know how her “new” body will look in her favorite clothes. The 3D virtual wardrobe allows you to easily imagine how you will look after surgery and to see yourself in your new life with a trendy dcollet for a dinner party with friends, a revealing bikini for a beach holiday, or a chic office ensemble.

With all this information to help you decide, you and your physician will be able to decide the exact implants that best match your desired results.

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