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George Bitar, MD
Improving Your Self Image
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Improving Your Self Image

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular. Each year, over three million people have surgery to improve their appearance because of people's intimate awareness of their image. We become aware of our physical strengths and weaknesses by looking in the mirror or gaging reaction of friends, family, and strangers. This personal knowledge may bring with it dissatisfaction with how we look, and today's plastic surgery brings cosmetic procedures into the realm of possibility for the average person.

While the reasons for choosing cosmetic surgery are as varied as individuals themselves, whether it is to change a facial or body feature or to reduce the signs of aging, people choose cosmetic surgery because it offers a unique opportunity to enhance the way they feel about themselves. It has been well documented that the effects of a positive self image can flow into other areas of a person's life, resulting in a greater sense of competence and higher self esteem.

Two procedures that can reduce the signs of aging, and help to enhance self image and self esteem, are the brow lift and an earlobe reduction. Both of these procedures can be done in combination with a facelift or alone.

As we age, our eyebrows droop. The face will likely take on a stern or unhappy appearance if the brow droops to, or below, the eyebrow rim. A brow lift specifically treats this problem by reducing or eliminating hooding, droopy eyes, as well as reducing forehead creases and frown lines caused by overactive muscles. The result is a face that looks more alert and youthful.

A facelift alone does not completely rejuvenate the face. Combining the brow lift with a facelift can significantly improve a patient's overall appearance. A brow life may also be undertaken in conjunction with an upper-eyelid lift.

Just like the tip of the nose, the ear tends to elongate with age. This is a factor that cosmetic surgery patients and their surgeons should take into consideration prior to undergoing a facelift.

Women's earlobes increase in length between the ages of 46 and 65. For the best results, an earlobe reduction lift may be included with a facelift.

If you decide to proceed with a brow lift, facelift, earlobe reduction or any other cosmetic procedure, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who will explain the techniques and anesthesia he or she will use, the type of facility where the surgery will be performed, and the costs involved.

Don't hesitate to ask the doctor any questions you may have, especially those regarding your expectations and concerns about the results of the surgery.

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