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Kristal Hall, HLCP, MPC
Hair Maintenance 101
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Hair Maintenance 101

Did you know home maintenance plays an important role in hair breakage. Heating utensils, hair products, combs, brushes, and hair ties are just as equally important. Don't let the condition of your hair solely rest on your hairstylist's shoulders. Here are a few helpful hints to remember when you begin your home maintenance styling in between salon visits.

Products Purchase products for your hair type. Having the right products will make a difference in how your hair responds to natural shedding vs. breakage. Determine if your hair is oily, or dry. Consider if your colored/chemically treated. Ask your hair care provider about your porosity and elasticity levels.

Combs and Brushes With thousands of options on the market, it could be frustrating to begin the process of purchasing a new comb or brush. Here are few must knows before you start. Begin with a great manufacturing brand, a company that has a standard for quality.

Next, think about the uses your new companion will have. Will you need a brush for blow-drying, nightly wrapping, or maintaining? Cushion paddle brushes are great for styling. Ventilated brushes and nylon pin brushes are great assets for blow-drying. They are breathable to reduce heat damage and can easily separate the hairs.

Keep your scalp in mind. Use a wide-tooth comb for easy detangling, and a smaller-tooth comb for a refined look. Heat resistant combs are a great way to direct hair flow when using heat appliances.

Flat irons Heat appliances are not all equally made. There is a difference between pure ceramic plating and pure ceramic coating. Choose a flat iron that gives flexibility for temperature control, floating plates for curls/waves or straight styles that is easy to clean. If you have noticed your heating tools pulling your tresses, your ends seem brittle and dry, or the ceramic overlay is fading it is time to replace with a quality flat iron from a reputable beauty retailer that includes an appliance warranty.

Night protection Clients always explain how the “cap fell off”, or “I sweat too much to put that on at night”. Find something that works for you. If you need temperature-modified material, try a breathable net or wrap cap as opposed to silk bonnets and scarfs to hold bountiful sets, wavy curls, and masterful sleek styles.

Schedule a consult with your professional to learn more about the condition of your hair.

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