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Craig E. Vigliante, MD, DMD
Hair Loss? Time To Grow New Hair
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Hair Loss? Time To Grow New Hair

Hair Loss? Time To Grow New Hair

Hair loss can be a very emotional part of the natural aging process, and seeking ways to curb this process is a challenge. There are many products on the market that claim to re-grow hair, but the results are mixed. Some work for some people, and for others, not so well.

Surgically transplanting hair has come a long way over the past decade – to the point where follicular unit grafting (FUG) is now more widely accepted. It’s not like the old-style plugs people used to get. These grafts are indistinguishable from your natural hair and are probably more durable than your natural hair in the long run.

While your natural hair still present on the top and front of your scalp may continue to thin or fall out, the grafted hairs from the sides and back of your head are more likely to be there permanently.

The latest procedure for hair transplantation is follicular unit extraction (FUE), where each hair is harvested and individually placed in a new location on your scalp. By doing this there are no scars to deal with, and the procedure is more tolerable and may even be a little safer.

One of the first FUE devices to be cleared by the FDA for follicular unit harvesting and implantation is the NeoGraft system, which delivers automation of the FUE technique, the most advanced technique in the hair transplant industry.

This system uses pneumatic controls to precisely extract complete individual hair follicles, which can be immediately transplanted to the selected areas of the scalp. This automated hair transplantation system is the only complete harvesting system on the market and has the only “no touch” implantation technology.

It provides exact harvesting and placement, delivering natural looking results. This advanced technology offers a discrete solution to hair loss, allowing patients to achieve natural looking results with no linear scarring, minimal downtime, and a shorter recovery period. Hair restoration with NeoGraft is unnoticeable, making it your secret to tell.

How the Procedure Works:

Step One Donor Hair Removal

The procedure begins with hair being removed from the donor area in the back of your head where your hair is genetically programmed to resist testosterone.

Step Two Separation of the Follicular Units

Each graft is extracted with the same consistency in diameter and length, resulting in a dramatically increased take rate.

Step Three Creation of the Recipient Sites

The hair transplant surgeon creates recipient sites in the proper angle, direction and orientation according to the artistic hair transplant plan he or she has designed specifically for you.

Step Four Placement of the Hair Graft

The follicular units are then carefully separated by size. Grafts are transplanted into the balding and thinning areas of your scalp. Each graft is meticulously harvested as it naturally occurs and implanted individually to ensure the best results.

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