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Robert Waters, CMT
Get Smoother Skin By Bathing Suit Season
Atlas Bodyworks
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Get Smoother Skin By Bathing Suit Season

We all have an area or two that, no matter how much we workout or watch what we eat, we cannot seem to improve. And for many people, even the skinny ones, we just are not happy with the appearance of our skin. Those issues with our skin make us look, and ultimately feel, older than we are.

Cellulite and loose, saggy skin are a big problem. But thanks to non-invasive Endermologie treatments, they can be a thing of the past. Endermologie helps reactivate the cellular activity of the skin through mechanical stimulation of the skin (mecano-stimulation) resulting in benefits published in research findings according to a study performed at the Clinical Investigation Center, Toulouse Hospital, France. These benefits include

Skin redensification increased by 240%

Elasticity increased by 160%

Increased acceleration of lipolysis by 70%

Additionally, in another French study researchers found that cellulite surface was reduced by 20% with a sustained effect at six months.

Cellulite is a skin problem, not a fat problem. It has nothing to do with how much you weigh. Cellulite is made up of fat cells that reside within the skin. These cells can't be burned up by the body as fuel, so dieting and exercise probably won't help this particular problem.

Females over the age of 35 are especially prone to cellulite. Through mechanical stimulation you can see a dramatic change in your skin's appearance.

How does it work? Treatments are performed by a certified technician using a patented device, which applies aspiration via a patented treatment head. The treatment head contains two independent motorized rollers that gently pull the skin using three directions of rotation, depending on the desired objectives.

The various folds threat different types of tissue, including cellulite, adipose, edematous, fibrous, adherent, inflamed, thin, fragile, and relaxed tissue. During your program, multiple assessments will enable you to monitor your results according to the set objectives.

After as few as eight sessions, results will be visible as you enjoy the experience of the relaxing treatment. At the end of your program, optimization sessions (one per month) can help you maintain and continue to improve your lasting results.

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