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Arthur M. Strauss, DDS
Focus On Beauty and Sleep Apnea
Arthur M. Strauss, DDS
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Focus On Beauty and Sleep Apnea

Is beauty only skin deep? Is sleep apnea only an airflow issue during sleep? The answer concerning beauty is obviously “no” for most of us. The answer regarding sleep apnea is, unfortunately “yes” for most of us. I believe that both of these answers are superficial and not comprehensive.

When people think of superficial they think of what shows, what is obvious, not the underlying conditions, or root causes of a condition.

When we think of comprehensive, we think of thorough and all encompassing. This infers a complete understanding of the condition, which includes its origin, or root cause, its superficial manifestations and everything in between.

A comprehensive understanding of beauty and sleep apnea is not the same as superficial. One approach is not necessarily better than another, but what is appropriate to each situation is to take a comprehensive look at both.

Looking at beauty, as appearance

Superficial make-up, even a wig and a denture to cover our teeth may manage our short term concerns.

Skin and hair care, cosmetic surgery and dental veneers or lightening strips can provide a longer-term solution for many.

Underlying factors, such as lifestyle, stress management, diet, orthodontic treatment and surgery should be considered in order to have a comprehensive solution.

Articles published in Your Health Magazine about beauty suggest the root causes of sleep apnea are core factors relating to beauty.

The body is connected, not segregated, as often are dentistry and medicine and their subdivisions within. Segregation works well in addressing affects as signs and symptoms of disharmony and dysfunction at the superficial level. Integration works well as a comprehensive approach to both cause and effect of total integration of body, mind, and spirit.

The jaw-tongue-throat anatomical relation controls our airway, thus our ease of (ability for) breathing. Our body is constantly compensating for impairment of airflow to keep us alive through our fight or flight “stress” response.

Stress hormones, as electrical conductors, activate muscle tone and action that alter body posture and jaw position impacting airway size and shape. They also increase heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate to improve airflow and oxygen supply.

Well-developed, symmetrical jaw-tongue-throat anatomy facilitates excellent jaw and body posture with ease of breathing, minimizing stress to body mind and spirit. The expression of this is in health, peace and beauty, not obstructive sleep apnea.

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