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Hema Sundaram, MA, MD, FAAD
Five Tips For Perfect Lips
Sundaram Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center
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Five Tips For Perfect Lips

If, as the poets say, your eyes are the window to your soul then surely your lips are the pathway to your heart. An expert cosmetic surgeon can enhance and rejuvenate your lips so skillfully that others will envy your good fortune in being born with “naturally perfect” lips… unless you choose to tell them differently.

Here are the newest ways to perfect your lips and add timeless beauty to your face. If your lips are naturally thin, or they have lost volume and shape with age, they can be restored to youthful fullness by the gentle injection of Restylane, Perlane or Juvederm. These fillers replace hyaluronic acid, a sugar-based substance that is naturally present in your lips and skin where it provides support and structure.

In recent continuing medical education lectures and articles for the renowned health education web site, Medscape/WebMD and at national conferences, I taught cosmetic and plastic surgeons a new method of selecting and combining the natural sugar-based fillers, Perlane, Restylane and Prevelle Silk to achieve spectacular rejuvenation of the lips and eyes.

The key is to understand the different scientific properties of these fillers so that your lip enhancement can be customized to provide both lift and precision shaping with little or no down time.

With this breakthrough technique, you will have little or no swelling or bruising and you can return to regular activities immediately. You will achieve natural-looking results and avoid an unnatural-looking “trout pout.”

Here Are The Five Keys To


Lip Enhancement

1. Balance your lips. An upper lip that overhangs your lower lip, as sported by many unfortunate celebrities, is a dead giveaway of having had work done. You can enhance your lips as dramatically or subtly as you like and still look natural if your upper lip is always kept slightly less full than your lower lip.

2. Keep the taper. Natural lips are fullest in the center and gradually become thinner at the edges. Skillful lip enhancement maintains this taper and avoids a telltale “sausage lip” appearance.

3. Remember the frames. One of the new concepts I introduced in my teaching is that your lips have two frames that support them. The “immediate” frame can be treated with Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Prevelle Silk and also Botox or Dysport if desired, to lift a drooping mouth. State-of-the-art, no downtime lasers such as Ulthera, eMatrix and Syneron Triniti can be added to non-surgically lift and tighten your skin and remove sun spots, wrinkles and spider veins.

Treatment of the “peripheral” frame, which extends all the way to your jaw line and your ears, can non-surgically lift the whole of your lower face. The revolutionary new LipoLite is a perfect addition to non-surgical lifting. It safely and quickly removes unwanted fat from your chin and neck and tightens your jaw line.

4. Keep the white roll. Youthful lips have a slightly lighter colored area of skin, known as the “white roll,” at the junction where your lips meet the skin that surrounds them (you may see this if you examine your mouth closely in the mirror). This white roll should be enhanced when fillers are injected into your lips. If your white roll is diminished by incorrect injection techniques, your lips can look unattractive and obviously done.

5. Keep the lip lines. Some wrinkles are good for example, the fine vertical lines that occur naturally on all lips. It’s often stated that these lines are lost with lip augmentation, making your lips look less natural. With the combination filler injection technique, these lines can be preserved, to give you lovely lips that look completely natural.

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