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Hema Sundaram, MA, MD, FAAD
Find Your Balance – Part 1 Why Consider Cosmetic Surgery?
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Find Your Balance – Part 1 Why Consider Cosmetic Surgery?

“Whats the right age to have cosmetic surgery?”
I am invariably asked this by patients and the media alike. There is no right age, because we all age at different rates. But I do believe there is a right timewhen youre ready to fix something that bothers you. There is also a right reason when how you look does not reflect how you feel.
Your face sends messages that profoundly impact you, both personally and professionally. Permanent frown lines make you look angry when youre not, under-eye bags convey tiredness and a downturned mouth looks sad. Spider veins and sun spots make your face look old and weather-beaten.
These “error messages” are easily corrected by todays technology, with no scarring and little or no down time. Expert Botox treatment safely smoothes frown lines and also forehead wrinkles, crows feet and neck creases while preserving your normal facial expressions. Under-eye bags and wrinkles disappear with Restylane a natural, sugar-based filler that restores skin support and fractional laser resurfacing, which painlessly stimulates your skins collagen production. Your mouth looks happy again after Restylane and infrared skin tightening. Starlux intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacials painlessly remove spider veins and sun spots.
Men and women considering cosmetic surgery sometimes worry that they will be thought vain, frivolous or shallow. But there is no shame in pursuing personal excellence and seeking to balance your life, so that how you look truly reflects who you are.

Understanding Your Aging Process

Your rate of aging depends on how efficiently your skin repairs damage and how resilient your skin stays with time. Your bone structure helps to determine your aging pattern. For instance, if your cheekbones are high you will probably develop smile lines before under-eye wrinkles; lower cheekbones give the opposite aging pattern. Your lifestyle, including prior sun exposure, stress level and smoking, also affects how you age. It is essential that your cosmetic surgeon has the ability and experience to address your unique aging process with an individualized action plan.
Previously, cosmetic surgery focused on pulling loose skin upwards and sideways, cheek and chin implants and nose reduction performed under the belief that your nose enlarges with age. Now we understand that your nose actually looks larger because your cheeks lose volume and recede away from it. These procedures often make you look done, rather than younger because they merely stretch out old skin and may create unappealing facial contours.
New lasers, natural fillers and Botox harness your skins own capacities to rejuvenate itself through volume replacement, collagen stimulation, resurfacing, and relaxation of overactive muscles. This minimally-invasive approach tends to give natural-looking, long-lasting results. Your skin is truly rejuvenated because its support structure and youthful texture are restored.
Your cosmetic surgeons abilities determine how good, and how long-lasting, your results will be. Thats why its false economy to focus simply on price comparisons. A consummately skilled surgeon can actually lift your face subtly and beautifully with Restylane and stimulate permanent collagen formation too. Before going for the cheapest Botox treatment, check the Botox dilution, and whether your surgeon has the expertise to avoid the telltale frozen face.
The American author, Gertrude Stein, wrote that “we are always the same age inside”. With the right technology in the right hands, you can reflect your inner youth and vibrancy, and empower yourself to live life to the fullest at any age.
Next month Part 2 – Rejuvenating Your Eyes

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