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Don J. Fontana, MD, PA
Facial Rejuvenation When To Consider Surgery?
Don Fontana, MD

Facial Rejuvenation When To Consider Surgery?

As much as a person wishes to avoid surgery of any type, there comes a time when surgery is the appropriate choice to remedy a problem. In cosmetic plastic surgery when conservative, non-invasive techniques fall short of the desired goal to rejuvenate a tired face, it's time to consider surgery. Chemical peels, dermal fillers, muscle relaxers and excellent skin care all play an important role, but the inevitable aging process continues despite these measures. Some patients consider the cost of surgery to be the deciding factor, only to discover that they have spent thousands of dollars on procedures that last only 6-12 months.

Facial rejuvenation surgery is extremely safe, when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon in a facility that is fully licensed and accredited, such as an outpatient surgery center. While complications are rare, it is comforting to know that a board certified anesthesiologist specialized in outpatient cosmetic surgery administers anesthesia and registered nurses care for the patient in the recovery room. In addition, a surgery center is fully staffed and equipped to attend to any potential problem that rarely arises.

Depending on the patient's age, what conditions do not respond to non-invasive techniques and ultimately lead to surgery. The most common areas to show aging are the eyelids and eyebrow area. The enemy is gravity and the eyebrows drop over time resulting in the upper eyelid skin hanging over the eyelid margin in severe cases. The good news is that a brow lift with/without an upper eyelid blepharoplasty is a very common operation. The brow lift incisions are in the scalp and inconspicuous. The upper eyelid incision is in the upper eyelid crease and is invisible when performed correctly.

The next most common area for the aging patient is the neck with its old sagging skin and neck bands. There is no non-surgical technique available to significantly change or improve this area. The enemy is loose skin and aging muscle. A well defined jaw and neckline is the sign of youth. Depending on a patient's age and the severity of the condition, correction can be long lasting with a procedure as simple as making three one-inch incisions. In severe cases, surgery involving the usual face and neck lift may be appropriate.

Before you dismiss the idea of surgery, consult an experienced board certified plastic surgeon and review photos of the results of his patients who exhibit a condition similar to yours. Surgery is surprisingly affordable and the results last for years. The cosmetic surgery consultation is complimentary and aren't you worth a 45-minute consultation?

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