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Natalya Anderson, Stylist
Curly Hair: What Type Of Curly Cut Is Right For You?
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Curly Hair: What Type Of Curly Cut Is Right For You?

Curly Hair: What Type Of Curly Cut Is Right For You?

A major problem for those with naturally curly hair has been the lack of knowledge on how to care for it and what the best choices are for cut and style. Two women invented popular curly cutting techniques, one named Lorraine Massey and another named Oiudad. Each of them has their own method of cutting and caring for curly hair. Their techniques have similarities and differences for caring for curls. So how different are they and which technique is the best for you?

Ouidad – Ouidad is a hair salon and product line that was founded by a commercially successful hair stylist, Ouidad who had curly hair. She has a few phrases when it comes to styling hair: “Rake & Shake” which refers to the method of setting the curl up just before it dries. And the other phrase is “Carve & Slice” and this refers to the unique hair cutting technique.

“I want everyone to see that curly hair is a gift to be celebrated and enjoyed, every day.”–Ouidad.

The Ouidad cut follows traditional hair styling methods. So first, the length and overall shape of the hair is worked by cutting layers into the hair, using the unique “Carve & Slice” method. This method gives the curls room and space to breathe. This method is similar to layering, but when the hair is dry. These layers are not visible and are blended in. And Ouidad recommends shampooing only once or twice a week.

DevaCurl – DevaCurl cut is very unique from the methods that most hair stylists are taught in beauty school. So in referring to the DevaCurl cut, method founder Lorraine Massey believes that curly hair should be cut “where it lives.” DevaCurl cuts are preformed dry. Massey also emphasizes the importance of moisturizing the hair.

“Curly hair is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.” –Lorraine Massey.

A DevaCurl stylist will cut your hair dry, since this is the only way to see the curl as it lies. Each ringlet will get trimmed individually. This method makes each individual customer end up with a one-of-a-kind haircut.

Everyone has different hair textures. And the goal is to have a haircut that works for you and your life. A stylist can make your hair look good in the salon, but styling at home is what matters. That starts with right technique of cutting for your hair. Consider your face shape, hair goals, length, color, and texture. Great hair doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by appointment.

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