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Gena Schultheis, DDS
Crooked Teeth?
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Crooked Teeth?

Traditional braces work, but many patients (young and old) are not interested in being in braces for 2-3 years. The reason traditional braces move teeth slowly is because they do it in two stages where the crown of the root is moved the first year and the root over the next year or two. Fastbraces work on a different mechanical principal where the roots of the teeth move toward their final position from day one. By moving along with the crown most mal-alignment can be corrected in three months to one year.

The Fastbraces technology has a patented triangular design of the brackets and a cutting edge heat-activated wire that moves teeth with less discomfort and a lot less time. Twenty years of history, thousands of consecutively treated patients and university research have shown that Fastbraces are not only safe but offer many additional benefits to our patients.

Because the braces are on for less times there is less chance of tooth decay and visits for adjustments are minimal (once every month or two). Less doctor visits means less money spent, less gas used to get to and from the doctor's office and less time off of school or work.

Another remarkable benefit is reduction in retainer usage. When the braces come off one only needs to were retainers for 15 minutes a day you can just throw them on for a shower or TV show. Results may vary for each patient.

If you simply have a few teeth in the front of your mouth out of position there are other options. Six Month Smiles is a fast and easy orthodontic system that allows you to have straight teeth in your smile line in only a few months. This system has invisible/clear brackets. If you do not want to have braces attached to your teeth, treatment time is usually longer but is still comfortable and many clear aligner companies have entered the market making this technology more affordable.

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