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Climate Change vs. Your Hair
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Climate Change vs. Your Hair

<strong>Climate Change vs. Your Hair</strong>

Spring is just around the corner, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It can be a little confusing when it’s 36 degrees one day and then nearly 80 the next! We are all feeling the effects of climate change, especially what it means for our hair. Luckily, there are some easy ways to combat both hair health and being a little more eco-friendly in our day-to-day.

Professionals recommend trusted products, including Aluram and Kevin Murphy. Kevin Murphy carries a product for everyone: dry brittle hair? Hydrate Me Wash and Rinse. Products too heavy for your fine hair? Angel hair line. Curls? Killer Curls. Not only does this mean you can trust all hair types to look exactly how you want throughout the day, but these companies do everything they can in order to limit their effect on the planet, bringing years of healthy hair with them.

Many daily rinse-off products (i.e. shampoo, conditioner) contain parabens, chemicals used as preservatives. Once these are washed down your drain and inevitably reach our oceans, these chemicals are known to destroy coral. You may think that your water gets filtered and sent back into your homes, but parabens even react with chlorinated water (tap water) to create a number of byproducts with effects to the human body that are unknown at this time, that’s concerning. Quite a few products also include sulfates, which strip necessary moisture, leading to brittle, dry hair and skin. Sulfates contribute to acidification of surface water and soil, and contribute to acid rain and fog that damage ecosystems, forests and plants. Aluram and Kevin Murphy products pride themselves on being free of these harsh chemicals.

Next time you’re in the salon be sure to ask for more information on these products to find what is right for you and keep you and the planet clean and healthy.

Written by Jadyn Rodocker

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