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Eric Desman, MD
Choosing The Best Breast Implants For Your Lifestyle
Virginia Center For Plastic Surgery
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Choosing The Best Breast Implants For Your Lifestyle

Breast augmentation surgery can be a truly transformative procedure for improving your self-image, allowing you to wear the clothes you’ve always wanted, and making you feel more confident during intimate moments.

When considering a breast augmentation, you should know that it isn’t a cookie-cutter procedure. Multiple decisions will be made concerning the size, shape, and material of your implants to achieve your goals. An experienced plastic surgeon can help find the best choices based on your lifestyle.

Breast Implant Size

A common and outdated misconception is that the breast augmentation will look “overdone.”  The reality is that the surgeon provides the most natural-looking results possible. A subtle size increase can still provide noticeably enhanced contours.

An essential part of the process is an honest discussion of your goals, and what is realistically possible for you to achieve. For example, if you have an “A” cup and want to increase to a “D” cup, a more modest improvement based on your height and frame is recommended because of how the implants will affect your body.

Breast Implant Shape

You have two choices for breast implant shape: round or contoured. Round implants are ideal for overall fullness, lift, and cleavage. Because they have a symmetrical shape, they will not affect the appearance of your breasts even in the unusual event that they rotate inside your breast pocket.

Breast Implant Material

There are three types of breast implants available: saline, silicone, and structured. During your consultation a surgeon can help you determine which material is best for you, based on factors such as your age and whether you plan to breastfeed. Here’s a closer look at the key differences between each breast implant material.

Saline implants use a saline solution that is similar to fluids in the human body. Because of this, if there is a rupture or leak, it will be immediately noticeable, and there will be no adverse side effects because the saline will absorb safely into your body. They also require a smaller incision to place them. However, many women say they look and feel less natural, especially for those with minimal existing breast tissue.

Silicone implants are FDA-approved for women aged 22 and older. They come pre-filled and larger incision is required when placing them in the breast pocket. They look remarkably realistic, but if they develop a rupture, it can be challenging to detect without an MRI.

Structured implants are a relatively recent innovation that combines the safety features of saline with a more natural feel. With a patented design developed by a cosmetic surgeon, the IDEAL IMPLANT® is an excellent choice for women who want greater peace of mind about the durability and appearance of their breasts.

Recovery Time

It is a good idea to allow yourself several days (48-72 hours) to recover before resuming your daily activities. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s recovery plan, including activity and lifting restrictions, to avoid complications.

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