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R. Ron Hessamfar, DMD
Braces Are Cool, What's Up With That?
Broadlands Orthodontics

Braces Are Cool, What's Up With That?

Models strutting the fashion runways are sporting the latest accessory orthodontic braces. Braces-wearing kids having their rubber bands changed ask the orthodontist to adorn their brackets with the proper hues to show school spirit. Adults select colors to coordinate their braces with the rest of their ensembles.

Yesterday; a badge of adolescent geekiness.

Today; sleek, lightweight fashion for the pearly whites. Wires, brackets, rubber bands and retainers are all the rage. “Tin grin” isnt a taunt its a compliment.

Just how hip and happening are braces, anyhow? When one of my patients debuted her makeup line last spring, the smile behind the models lush lip gloss sparkled with braces. Every day we come across a mother and daughter sharing an ice cream cone orthodontic hardware complements both smiles.

Braces have changed throughout the years. Now they are more stylish. Although healthy, beautiful smiles have always been in style, this fashion trend is good for a patients motivation. Patients are far more likely to follow their orthodontists instructions and complete their treatment on-time with good results.

What Do You Mean,
I Dont Need Braces?

tWe recently had a young lady leave in tears when she realized she wouldnt be getting braces like her big sister. Kids are far more interested in getting braces for only looks these days, and when they realize that orthodontists will only treat those patients who need treatment they may get disappointed.

Straighter Teeth May Be
Healthier Teeth

Preventing or alleviating dental or physical health problems is the goal of orthodontic treatment.

In general, teeth and jaws that are properly aligned work better. Without treatment orthodontic problems may lead to tooth decay, gum disease, deterioration of bone and difficulties with chewing and digestion. A “bad bite” may contribute to the chipping or loss of teeth.

Braces Arent Kids Stuff,
Adults Join the Ranks Too

Healthy teeth, bones and gums respond well to orthodontic treatment, making it successful at almost any age. In fact, about one in every five orthodontic patients today is over the age of 18. With todays smaller, less visible brackets, many adults find braces an appealing option. Some adults show more interest in treatment after they witness a transformation in their kids.

Whats more, treatment is easier on the budget than prospective patients might imagine-many dental insurance plans provide orthodontic benefits, and your orthodontist should be happy to work with a patients family to arrive at an affordable monthly payment plan.

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