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Hema Sundaram, MA, MD, FAAD
Beauty On All Budgets Finding the Right Doctor
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Beauty On All Budgets Finding the Right Doctor

This year, published surveys from the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and other organizations reveal that men and women are increasingly choosing non-surgical methods to improve their appearance and look more youthful, rather than going under the surgical knife.

Today's non-invasive technology can rejuvenate you dramatically, yet subtly. You can look completely natural, without scarring and be able to return to normal activities, while others will be unaware that you've had anything done unless you choose to tell them.

Here are four keys to help you choose a doctor for your summer holiday and fall makeover.


The American Board of Medical Specialties certifies doctors in specialties based on their training, and can provide guidance on what the credentials mean.

Dermatology, plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, and oculoplastic surgery are recognized core aesthetic specialties in the area of cosmetic surgery.

Board certification in one of these specialties is an important qualification that may help you feel confident and comfortable with your doctor's training and expertise.

Select an Expert

Expert cosmetic surgeons are very involved in the field and have extensive experience and training. They often serve as physician teachers and trainers for new and existing techniques and technologies.

You might also notice them serving as FDA study investigators, and as advisors for new cosmetic surgery technologies, teaching at professional academies and universities, and standing as members of scientific boards for medical conferences and programs that train plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Their offices usually will be well equipped with the latest equipment. They frequently contribute original research and publications to respected dermatology and plastic surgery journals.

Look For Choices

Cosmetic surgery specialists offer many different treatment options, so that your action plan can be customized to address your own unique pattern of aging. Depending on your needs, your cosmetic surgeon should be able to offer you a wide range of possible plans and solutions.

Look For the Latest Technology and Techniques

New technologies can be used by a cosmetic surgeon who understands skin of different ethnicities and cultures to safely and effectively rejuvenate both non-pigmented and pigmented skin.

If you follow these four keys, you can balance how you look with how you feel and start the summer holidays and fall by projecting youth, energy, and vitality.

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