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Hema Sundaram, MA, MD, FAAD
Balance Your Beauty – Part 1 What Is True Beauty?
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Balance Your Beauty – Part 1 What Is True Beauty?

Our ideals of female and male facial beauty are remarkably constant across time and cultures. Todays approach to rejuvenation focuses on restoring youthful facial proportions to make you look younger and better, while preserving your individuality.
The ideal female face is heart-shaped or rounded with a prominent forehead, arched eyebrows, full lips, well-defined cheekbones and a tapered chin. The ideal male face is longer, with lower-set eyebrows and a squarer jawline.
We now understand that the most significant aging changes are volume loss and muscle overactivity. Volume loss flattens and drops your eyebrows and cheekbones, thins your lips and creates under-eye bags and lines around your mouth. Muscle overactivity causes frown lines, worry lines, crows feet and neck wrinkles. The overall effect is to make your face look longer and your nose more prominent as the middle of your face shrinks away from it.
The old approach to these changes was to pull the skin back, insert cheekbone implants and perform a nose reduction. Although this lifts your eyebrows and cheeks and stretches out your wrinkles, it often makes you look “done,” rather than younger. Patients may complain of not looking like themselves, due to changes in eye shape and facial structure. Whats more, the down time and scarring can significantly impair your quality of life.
The good news is that our ever-advancing understanding of aging has led to the development of breakthrough new technology that harnesses your bodys own capacity to rejuvenate itself with little or no down time. The exploding popularity of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery is well-documented by the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and other well-respected institutions. You may still need to go under the surgical knife if you have loose, hanging skin folds. But, if you start your rejuvenation plan before its too late, you stand an excellent chance of never having to undergo invasive surgery.
The best way to correct volume loss is with Restylane and Juvedermpure biosynthetic forms of the hyaluronic acid that naturally supports your skin and is lost with time. Recent research shows that they may also stimulate your skin to produce collagen. The key to achieving the best results is to select a cosmetic surgeon with the skill, experience and artistry to lift your face subtly and beautifully by restoring your youthful facial contours with these and other fillers such as your own natural fat.
Frown lines, worry lines, crows feet and neck wrinkles are smoothed out safely, and womens eyebrows regain an elegant arch, with tiny amounts of Botox in the right places. An expert surgeon understands how to rebalance overactive muscles while preserving your natural facial expressions and avoiding a frozen look.
The best cosmetic surgeons are actively committed to teaching and research and are recognized as experts by the media and their peers. They address your own unique pattern of aging, so that you can re-discover the real you and look as young and vibrant as you feel.
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