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Glenn Marinelli, MD, FACS
A New Wrinkle Waiting For You
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A New Wrinkle Waiting For You

Our skin changes over time, losing its youthful look and giving way to brown spots, wrinkles and laxity. In recent years, there have been a growing number of aesthetic procedures to treat the skin. ActiveFX, the result of the latest advances in laser technology, is a new skin resurfacing procedure that yields remarkable, long-lasting results with just one treatment.
The ActiveFX treatment works on two different levels. Initially, one sees the superficial results of improved skin tone, reduction of sun spot discoloration and a general smoothing of the skins surface. More significantly, the treatment reaches down into the dermis, and triggers a natural healing response, which promotes the generation of new collagen in the skin, translating into the tightening and wrinkle reduction seen with this procedure. The initial healing is evident in the first week, while the creation of new collagen builds up gradually; patients will see improvement over 4-6 months.
The ActiveFX procedure is based on the remarkable development of Fractional Skin Resurfacing. During this treatment, laser light interacts with the skins surface, causing the upper layer to peel and regenerate a layer of new, healthy skin. The laser is applied in a “fractional” pattern, leaving small bridges of untouched skin. In the areas where the skin is touched, the laser reaches deeply into the dermis, creating new collagen. By leaving small bridges of untouched skin, the treated areas heal much faster.
The ActiveFx is an office procedure. The combination of topical numbing cream and a stream of chilled air onto the skin create a comfortable setting for the patient. One usually feels a sensation like sunburn afterwards. This subsides over 24-36 hours. There is redness, which fades in 2-3 days. Then the laser treated skin will peel over about two days. The last phase is a “hot pink” glow to the skin, which is the typical appearance of new skin. Make-up can be used to cover this until it fades in a few days.
Active FX has been a promising new technology and is successfully helping people to tone, texture and tighten their skin. Even more exciting, is the addition of the new “bridge” therapy, which will blend a custom combination of laser treatments. This new device will produce an even finer, more precise laser treatment and will extend deeper into the dermis for even greater remodeling. This will be available before the end of the year.
As we close out another year, ActiveFX Laser Skin Resurfacing is celebrating its first birthday in the U.S. It truly represents a “new wrinkle” in the treatment of many skin surface problems. Let us put our “new wrinkle” up against any old ones you may want to close out for 2009.

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