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Adam Richman
What Does A Day Look Like In Rehab?

What Does A Day Look Like In Rehab?

Taking the decision to check into rehab when suffering from addiction is such a huge step. And such an important one. It’s the first step to a healthier and happier rest of your life.

However, it can be a daunting experience too, with it a step into the unknown. Many of us only have films and TV shows to really go off when it comes to knowing what a rehab centre is like, and they can often paint a pretty bleak picture.

That’s far from the case though, and inpatient addiction treatment can be hugely comforting, warming and effective too. Giving you the best chance of entering recovery.

But what exactly does the average day at rehab look like? 

A Healthy Breakfast & Meditation Session

There’s a lot of get up and go in rehab when it comes to the mornings. Each day kicks off with a healthy breakfast. A healthy and balanced diet is very important to the success of rehab, as your diet can help you feel energized as well as be able to prevent cravings. Ultimately, it sets you up for the day ahead.

Mornings usually then consist of one-to-one therapy sessions, where you’ll start to understand what led to addiction and how best to deal with those situations should you encounter them upon leaving rehab.

Alongside this, there will also be morning yoga or meditation classes. Again, these are fantastic in combating stress and will not only help you through the rehab process, but throughout your life in recovery too, with them actively encouraged to be continued.

An Afternoon of Therapy

After a healthy lunch, it’s back to therapy. Often this will be group therapy, but your treatment will be personalized to what suits you best. There are all manner of treatments available these days, from group sessions to the likes of art therapy, music therapy and dozens more.

During morning sessions and initial meetings, a therapist will begin to understand what form of therapy is best suited to you, based upon the type of addiction you have, the root of the problem, and the type of learner you are. For example, if you are typically a creative type of person, art therapy may be best suited to your needs. You will then go through a course of this therapy during afternoons.

An Evening of Meetings and Relaxation

Just like in the morning, routine is paramount. Evenings will begin with dinner, followed by an evening meeting, often a group session in a more relaxed environment.

There will be other optional classes and things you can take part in, before being encouraged to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a crucial part of the rehab process. Healthy and consistent sleeping patterns are key, both in rehab and in recovery, ensuring you’re refreshed for another day of battling your addiction and getting your life back on track.

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