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Ivana Donley, Licensed LME Clinician / Laser Technician

Astoria Laser Clinic

Astoria Laser Clinic & Med Spa
2106 Gallows Road
Suite B
Vienna, VA 22182

Ivana is a Master Aesthetician specializing in laser technology. Originally from the Czech Republic, her approach focuses on procedures that utilize proven products and high-tech treatments. In particular her focus is on the use of advanced technology non-ablative lasers in combination with techniques to rejuvenate the skin for a complete program to the client’s satisfaction. She graduated from the CoolSculpting University and is certified in most Laser and RF procedures.

Each treatment is tailored to the individual client and incorporates cutting-edge technology to transform and rejuvenate face or body. Ivana believes that a combination approach yields the best outcomes. She describes the laser treatment packages available at ASTORIA as the leading edge and state of the art procedures. They have the power to effectively treat more challenging skin concerns such as rosacea, acne scaring, age related pigmentation and broken veins as well as, the always in high demand body contouring, anti-aging skin repair, exfoliation, tightening and collagen stimulating treatments.

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