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Dietitian / Nutrition

Kylie Fagnano, MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP, CLT

Greetings, I’m Kylie Fagnano, your guide on this wellness voyage. With the title of a Registered Dietitian and certifications as an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner and a Certified... View Profile

Dr. Asha Subramanian

Meet Dr. Asha Subramanian, a remarkable woman whose journey from a medical student to a lifestyle medicine advocate is truly inspiring. When she was diagnosed with endometriosis at just 26... View Profile

Dr. Nayan Patel

Dr. Nayan Patel founded Auro in 2011 with a mission: To reduce the long-term impact of stress on the body. He has created a solution that treats the symptoms of... View Profile

Teresa Boardwine, RH (AHG)

Teresa is a dynamic teacher on health and wellness. Her approach is professional, warm and down to earth. She presents medicinal information in lay terms, in a way that is...


Washington, VA 22747

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Stacie Haaga, RD, CLT

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates Looking to naturally reduce your inflammation and symptoms of autoimmune disease? Stacie Haaga, RD specializes in anti-inflammatory diets. Nutrition...


Winchester, VA

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Penelope Taylor, M.S., RDN, LD

Eat better, think better, feel better! Your diet matters if you are dealing with depression, ADHD, recovering from substance use disorder, or are concerned about healthy brain aging. Discover your...



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VitaFusion Doctors IV Vitamin Therapy Center

Intravenous Vitamin infusion is the most efficient way to absorb vitamins and other nutrients by avoiding their transit through the GI tract, instead going directly into the bloodstream.


Vienna, VA 22182

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Syed O. Hasan, MD

For over three decades, GI Associates of Maryland and Waldorf Endoscopy Center are the unquestioned market leader. Unlike other choices in the region, GI Associates of Maryland combines the largest...

(301) 645-8035

Waldorf, MD 20602

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Susan Abramson, MHS, HHC, RYT

You have the You have the power to change how you feel. I have the tools to get you there. Why wait to feel great?


Alexandria, VA 22302

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Victoria Gravini, CPT

(703) 231-5072

Alexandria, VA 22307

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