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Connected Parenting

Our reality is a system of beliefs based on a perceptual framework that has largely been constructed by the beliefs of the significant people in… Continue Reading

Can Hypnotherapy Help Children and Teens?

Did you know that hypnothera- py could help kids with confidence, motivation, focus, studying, sports improvement, and even stop bed- wetting and nail biting? Children… Continue Reading

When Your Child Has Gender Issues

With schools “teaching to the test,” and sports chewing up huge amounts of time, and worries about safety growing, most parents have moments of feeling… Continue Reading

Spring Is In the Air

The spring flowers and sunshine are healing. Sometimes all we need to do is get of the house. Get some fresh air and sunshine. Getting… Continue Reading

Aqua-Chi Therapy

No! You won't be electrocuted, though you may be shocked with the very visible results of an aqua chi session. So, what is an aqua… Continue Reading

Swallowing After a Stroke

Difficulty in swallowing is called dysphagia; it is prevalent in up to 65% of stroke patients. If the symptom is left untreated, then the patient… Continue Reading

Recognizing Mental Health Symptoms In Teenagers

Adolescence can be a challenging time for many teens and their loved ones as they try to successfully navigate the many developmental changes that occur… Continue Reading

Your Teenager Wants You To Know This

I have had the opportunity and the privilege to work with hundreds of teenagers in over two decades in the field of mental health. I… Continue Reading

Fostering Self-Control In Your Child

Teaching your child self-control skills will enable him to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically, and later enter society as a responsible and self-reliant adult. Unfortunately… Continue Reading

Help Your Child Suffering From Anxiety

Lately, Johnny has been very irritable, and does not want to go to school. You are often called by the school nurse because his stomach… Continue Reading

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