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Toni Greene, Owner
Yoga and Women's Health
Happy Hour Yoga Center
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Yoga and Women's Health

Isnt it time we take time for ourselves, time away from work, away from the husband, the kids, and the things that constantly keep us running. Lets take at least an hour just for ourselves. Lets do yoga. Yoga will help you to slow down and organize your life in a stress-free manner. Mothers, wives and career people who have the responsibility for caring for others really need to take some time for self.
I was in the airport going to Texas to visit my grandchildren for Christmas. We had to arrive at the airport early to go through security. After getting through, I realized I had much time to spare while waiting on my plane. As I was standing in a long line to get a cup of tea, this woman, her husband and their two children caught my attention. The woman was trying to get the children settled so that they could eat breakfast. The mother was cutting up her sons pancakes, as she glanced over at her daughter who was sitting across the table beside her father. She looked at her daughter and said quietly, “Sit up and eat.” She glanced at her son who was eating very fast and said to him, “Slow down and eat slower.” She demonstrated with mouth movements how to eat slowly and chew your food. Meanwhile the child was drinking the juice and not eating the food. She said to the daughter, “Eat.”
After she got the children together, she sat back in her chair and took a deep sigh. Meanwhile the father was chomping away on his food while reading a magazine, seemingly unaware of all the effort she was putting into the children, making sure they took the time to slow down and chew their food. No one had noticed that she did not get a chance to eat because her concern as a mother was to make sure the children were fine. Of course, I said, “Mommy, are you going to eat? You need food too so that you can continue to be strong enough to keep the family healthy.”
It is important for women, especially mothers, to slow down, chew your food and eat so that you can stay strong and healthy. Women, who have a very important role in the family, should takeand I do mean takesome time for self. Time to slow your mind and body down so that your body can get the nourishment it needs to heal and rejuvenate.
It is very important to get quiet time such as meditation and exercise. It is proven that meditation and exercise reduces stress, high blood pressure and cholesterol. After a good workout, a good dinner and a hot shower or bath, you will find yourself sleeping like a baby, waking up rested and ready to start a new day.
Lets do yoga.

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