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Venetta Kalu, CNS, ND, MPHA
Women’s Health Matters
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Women’s Health Matters

Women’s Health Matters

Women engage in so many roles in life that demand so much from our bodies. From teenagers up to adulthood, we go non-stop working, nurturing, caregiving, exercising, cooking, playing, creating, sexing, mothering, cramping, PMS-ing, and being all that we can be. These roles can take a toll on our bodies from head to toe and in-between causing some of us to neglect selfcare or even forgetting what that looks and feels like.

One Way To Benefit Womanhood

The month of August has great weekly celebrations that would really benefit womanhood such as simplify your life week, smile week, friendship week, and be kind to humankind week. During the weeks ahead, every woman should find a way to celebrate each week alone, with your tribe, or with your bestie(s). Taking the time to have several little mini celebrations would greatly benefit your health.

The main benefit would be in stress relief, which would greatly benefit the heart/cardiovascular system. Current statistics on women’s health issues point to heart disease as a significant health risk. Thus, making healthy lifestyle choices to minimize stress and increasing focus on selfcare can go a long way toward reducing this health risk for many women.

Health Concerns of Women

Another concern for women is breast health. Breast health begins with a sense of breast awareness, i.e., what is normal for your breasts. To become acquainted with your breast at every age consider doing regular breast self-exams. Learn how your breasts vary in sensitivity, texture, and look at different times during your menstrual cycle and even with the intake of different foods. You want to know how the foods you are eating affect your breast tissue as well as your monthly cycle. The more aware you are, the more you will notice small changes, so you can make small changes for the improvement of your health.

Another major concern for some women is beauty and aging gracefully. There are degrees to the depth of concern. For some women, the concern is so great it drives them to seek cosmetic surgery and for others it makes them hide from the public as much as possible. For those who do not fit into those extremes, they may be product, juicing, or cleansing junkies. And there are some women who just do not care. However, aging gracefully can be managed with stress management and an antioxidant rich diet. Seek out a nutritionist for help.

There are stages to life for everyone and all women are not in the same stage at the same time and the concern is more than likely to change over time. Thus, a little healthy recommendation to women would be to take a little time for selfcare. Weave that into your day and let nothing distract you from selfcare whatever that looks like for you, even if it is a mere 2-5 minute pause to breathe.

Also, remember this is a month of kindness, friendship, and smiling – as a month of peace. This will take the stress of your cardiovascular and hormonal system, which will benefit your heart and breast health.

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