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Thomas K. Lo, MA, DC
Why Is Losing Weight So Difficult?
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Why Is Losing Weight So Difficult?

We have all been on a diet at sometime in our life. We deprive and discipline ourselves for days, weeks and even months to achieve a goal, only to see our results sabotaged because of our inability to maintain the level of strictness. Few individuals can make drastic changes and have lasting success.

The body is always striving for health and it attempts to achieve that by continuously cleansing itself of waste material. Toxicity is the primary cause of excess weight, particularly in people who have problems losing weight and keeping it off.

Toxins are produced in the body from the byproducts of foods that are not properly digested. This is increased with the ingestion of processed and chemically altered foods. We are not biologically adapted to deal with these forms of “food.” The more toxic waste that builds up in your system, the more this translates to excess weight.

Three reasons why we are unable to keep weight off or lose weight are poor digestion, poor elimination/constipation and a sluggish liver. Food cravings and hunger are closely related to digestive problems.

Enzymes help us digest our food. They boost our energy, boost metabolism, detoxify and aid in weight loss. You can get enzymes by eating more raw fruits and vegetables, drinking water with lemon, making a tea with apple cider vinegar or taking a supplemental enzyme formula.

The colon, or large intestine, is the end portion of the human digestive tract where waste is eliminated. Our intestines function as our bodies own waste disposal system. Any breakdown in the intestine’s natural cleansing process is accompanied by risks of poor food assimilation and toxicity build up.

To lose weight, cleanse and detoxify, it is paramount to support the avenues of elimination. You will want to increase the amount of fiber you consume to 25-35 grams/day. Most Americans get about 7-10 grams/day. You will want to do this slowly to decrease gas production and avoid further constipation. Lastly, a sluggish liver fails to remove poisons and metabolic waste products. When the liver functions well, the whole body functions better. When the liver is congested, back-up systems are required which add extra burden or stress to other organs.

Choose a diet rich in whole foods, eliminate sugar and processed foods, increase your fiber intake, and take digestive enzymes. True health is achieved by taking care of the inside.

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