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Husna R. Baksh, MD
Small Changes Make Big Difference
Healthy Steps
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Small Changes Make Big Difference

If your body mass index (BMI) is greater than 27 (so if you are overweight or heavier), when it crosses your mind to take an extra portion of food or get a little snack for the third time today please remember, you may be well on your way to joining a public health emergency currently evolving in the United States.
Did you know that a recent survey showed that obesity rates climbed in 31 states last year and no states showed any improvement? If you saw a hole in your ceiling and knew it was about to rainstorm would you ignore it and then spend thousands of dollars to fix it after it came crashing in? No! You would understand the sense of urgency and act.
Obesity is like that hole in the ceiling that is about to come crashing down on you and not only cost you large sums of finances, due to health care costs for the diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterol, strokes, and heart attacks, but is also going to make you years older than your stated age. So, in a time when we are all interested in looking young and living longer we forget that the most basic thing we can do is exercise and eat appropriate portion sizes and snacks.
Sure, Ill admit it. I love junk food. I love fast food. Unfortunately, my schedule doesnt allow any time to go home and cook a nice healthy meal. But, what is a “healthy” meal? You dont really have to try that hard. If you do go fast food, get the grilled, baked stuff, not loaded with cheese and grease. Drink water and if you do get the super sized coke, dont feel compelled to down the entire caffeinated, sugar loaded thing. Use salsa, ketchup or cocktail sauce on your potato for taste instead of drowning it in butter and sour cream. Get the fish instead of the prime rib. Eat half the food on your restaurant plate.
Increase the energy in your walk by picking up the speed of your steps. One of my favorite things to do is run around the office or the hall ways of the building when I need to get things done (Im always wearing comfortable shoes). In this way I can put a little more adrenaline in my day and keep vibrant/energetic. When you get home, turn the music on and dance!
Most people take better care of their homes than they take care of themselves. We should love ourselves enough to make ourselves a priority and do the little things that add up to big prevention. After all, there is only one house you have that really counts your body. When the destruction starts, this house is a lot more difficult to fix. The significant drop in our quality of life because of hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack, not to mention the financial and emotional expense of the “repairs,” is truly too costly. So think of that hole in the ceiling of your own house and do whatever you can to fix it by changing, a little at a time, your life habits.

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